The present-day American University of Science & Technology began in 1989 under the name “The American Universal College”. In August 2000, the name was changed to American University College of Science & Technology as per Presidential Decree# 3585/2000. As of August 2007, the present name of American University of Science & Technology was confirmed as per Presidential Decree # 677/2007.

    The Decree granted AUST a well-deserved university status with permission to offer programs leading to bachelor's and master's degrees in four academic faculties (Schools). These are:

    • Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS)
    • Faculty of Business & Economics (FBE)
    • Faculty of Engineering (FE)
    • Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)

    In conformity with the prevailing laws of Lebanon, all academic programs offered at AUST have been submitted for accreditation and equivalency by the Higher Education Equivalence Committee, and all have been duly accredited.

    The University assists students in finding jobs during their college years. During 2014-2015 close to 67% of all students held full-time or part-time jobs.

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