President's Message
    Dear Students,
    Whether you are a returning student or a new student, I wish to welcome you to the family of AUST with hopes that the time which you will spend at AUST will prove to be rewarding and satisfying.
    I would like to seize this occasion to urge you to live your university life fully. Take advantage of the sports facilities and join the clubs; take advantage of the excellent laboratories, equipment and computer facilities that are at your disposal; then, unleash your dreams and potentials. Do not miss the academic and para-academic lectures that bring to you added non classroom information, and enable you to meet future employers, prominent social figures, politicians and others who are leaders in their professions.
    Let your years at AUST be substantive and full. Enjoy the geographically well-situated campuses and discover the area around you. Do not restrict your college experience to classroom attendance; meet other students and make friends; engage your faculty in dialogue and learn from their experiences; and, take pride in your institution by inviting your non-AUST friends and families to university events.
    On behalf of the AUST family, I congratulate you and thank you for choosing AUST. I would like to assure you that we shall all work to prove to you that your choice was a correct and a wise one.
    Hiam Sakr

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