The University's Mission

    AUST reflects the concerns of its founders in that American-styled university education should be within the reach of all qualified students. Hence, tuition fees are kept at a minimum level, while providing financial aid to those students who cannot afford the tuition, and without compromising the requirements for growth and excellence in academic delivery.

    The American University of Science & Technology seeks to:

    • Promote the search for the truth through the pursuit of knowledge and the application  of its derivatives.
    • Provide men and women from Lebanon, the Middle East, and the rest of the world with the opportunity to seek higher education (without discrimination as to religion, gender, color, national origin, or socioeconomic background) in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and respect for the particularities of one’s own culture and customs.
    • Offer American-styled educational programs that are comparable with similar programs offered in the U.S.A., and are tailored to the needs of the geographical region  that it serves.
    • Instill in the minds and the hearts of its students the principles of good national and  international citizenship so that they may become the agents of social justice, catalysts for universal peace, and promoters of human rights.
    • Ensure an intellectually-rich atmosphere of academic pursuit dominated by responsible freedom and respect for the rights of others.
    • Develop the student’s analytical, critical, creative, and communication skills across the  curriculum and in the para-academic activities.
    • Strive to become a model of the use of high technology in education in the region.
    • Avail the students of social, cultural and educational programs and activities that will support and complement the traditional classroom teaching and the learning processes.
    • Graduate ecologically aware students who value the ecology of their countries, and strive to ensure its preservation for future generations.
    • Be a model of the pursuit of excellence in higher education in the region that it serves.

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