The University's Mission

    The American University of Science and Technology (AUST) is a recognized institution of higher learning licensed by the Lebanese Government that is committed to excellence and freedom in teaching and research. AUST reflects the concerns of its founders that affordable American-styled education should be within the reach of all seekers without any form of discrimination or prejudice.

    AUST shall be a student oriented university that prioritizes learning, critical thinking, applied training and research based class work. It shall establish wide networks of cooperating universities for exchange and joint research and of potential employers who may provide part time and/or full time employment to students and who may be recruited to serve on the advisory boards of academic majors.

    The University shall offer high quality programs comparable to those offered in the USA including a liberal arts curriculum that is distinctive of American education.

    AUST shall strive to graduate highly competitive, proficient and motivated communicators, problem solvers, designers and entrepreneurs who enjoy high levels of tolerance for different opinions, who are promoters of human rights and intercultural dialogue and who are well versed in the new technologies.

    The University shall require internships in academic majors offered so as to shorten the distance between the classroom and the working place and it shall establish an office to assist students in finding full time and part time jobs while studying.

    AUST shall avail the university community and the larger “society” with cultural and educational programs and activities that will support and complement the traditional classroom teaching and learning processes and provide an extended arm to the “society” to share and participate in the wealth of experience that the university can provide.

    The University shall review its Mission Statement every 4th year (or before if circumstances require) and it shall consider the inputs of all possible stakeholders (boards, administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, employers...).

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