Admissions Office

    The Admissions Office prepares applications, brochures and announcements pertaining to admission to AUST. Each year, the representatives of the Office schedule visits to the secondary schools in Lebanon and the Arab countries to provide prospective applicants with the appropriate information about AUST.

    This Office is in charge of receiving applications to the various academic units at the undergraduate and graduate levels; it ensures that all files are complete before a verdict on admission is made by the Admissions Committee.

    Admission Committees

    Undergraduate admission decisions are made by the Admissions Committees of the faculties concerned. Graduate admission decisions are made by the Graduate Committees of the faculties concerned.

    Admission Deadline

    Applications for admission to AUST must be submitted before

    • the end of September for admission to the Fall Semester.
    • the end of January for admission to the Spring Semester.
    • the end of June for admission to the Summer Session.

    Applications are available online and at the Admissions Office. Upon request, applications will be sent to the applicant’s home or school address.

    Early Admission

    Students with a minimum cumulative average of 80% attained in their last two years of secondary education may apply to AUST prior to receiving the results of the Official Lebanese Government Secondary Certificate (Previously Lebanese Baccalaureate part II), or its equivalent, under a special early admissions plan. Admission of such students will be contingent upon presenting proof of having received the Official Lebanese Government Secondary Certificate or its equivalent as recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Students with such conditional acceptance will not be allowed to register until all admission requirements are met.

Admissions Office
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