Continuing Education

    SAS based Data Science and Big Data Diploma

    Trainers’ Biographies


    • SAS based Data Science and Big Data 2018 Diploma 
    • Entrepreneurship 
    • Retail Management 
    • Managerial Skills & Leadership Development 
    • General Business 

    International Certificates:

    • ICDL International Computer Driving License 
    • CFA
    • CMA
    • JIA

    Training Workshops:

    Human Resources

    • Human Capital Management
    • Emotional Intelligence


    • Financial Modeling
    • Financial Valuation Techniques
    • Budgeting & Forecasting Techniques


    • Innovation & Start-ups
    • Business Modeling & Innovation

    Social Media

    • Social Media for Marketing & Advertising
    • Social Media for Community Managers
    • Social Media for Business

    Quality Control

    • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
    • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety
    • ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
    • Manufacturing Quality Control Measurement
    • Quality Internal Audit in Healthcare

    Data Science

    Forecasting Methodologies
    Non Degree Programs
    • Learning Enhancement and Assistance Program – L.E.A.P
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    CLD General Regulations

    Admission Fee
    A non-refundable admission fee of 50 USD

    No admission fees are paid for courses/workshops offered under the following categories:

    • Personal Enrichment
    • Computer Literacy
    • Language Proficiency
    • Professional Development
    • Youth Academy

    Student IDs
    CLD students are provided with AUST identification cards which they should carry while on AUST campus. In case the student loses his/her ID card that he/she gets upon registration, s/he can get a new one by paying a replacement fee. 

    Offered Courses/Workshops
    The updated course/workshop listings is posted on the AUST website - CLD page.

    Course/workshop Cancellation
    CLD reserves the right to cancel any course/workshop due to insufficient enrollment or other unavoidable circumstances. All registrants will be notified and a complete refund is made automatically.

    Participant/Delegate Withdrawal
    Should a participant/delegate need to withdraw from a course/workshop anytime before or after classes officially begin, s/he must inform CLD in writing and return the CLD ID (if issued). Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal.

    Refund Policy
    If for justifiable reasons, a participant/delegate decides to withdraw from a course/workshop in which s/he has already registered, fees are refunded according to time of withdrawal as follows: 

    Time of withdrawal

    Fees refunded

    Prior to the beginning of classes/sessions


    During the first week of classes/sessions


    During the second week of classes/sessions


    Any participant/delegate who obtains an attestation that s/he is registered will not be entitled to any refund at all.

    Full attendance is advisable. A participant/delegate who is absent one fourth the number of sessions of a course/workshop without a valid excuse will not be entitled to a final grade/certificate for that course.

    Examinations (When applicable)
    Final Examinations are held within one week of the last class session, unless the course instructor specifies otherwise.

    Graduation Requirements (Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma Programs)
    A certificate or a diploma is offered upon the successful completion of all the required courses with a minimum grade of 60/100 in each course, and a cumulative average of 70/100. If the requirements change before the participant/delegate finishes a specified program of study, the participant/delegate may follow the new requirements upon the approval of the program coordinator.

    Attestations are offered to students who enroll in individual courses to continue their professional development. Request for attestations can be made in person at the CLD Office. 

    The CLD follows the AUST calendar with respect to holidays.

    AUST Rules and Regulations
    All participant/delegate are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the University.

    Change of Personal Information
    Participant/delegate are encouraged to inform CLD about any changes in their contact information.

    Forms Templates

    Kindly print the attached forms, fill in the blanks and email back to

    CLD Application (lifelong)

Personal Enrichment
Computer Literacy
Language Proficiency
Professional Development
Advanced Programs
Youth Academy
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