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    Discover your creativity as you learn new skills and pursue hobbies with CLD. Choose from these topics or call us. We'll help you find the perfect course or workshop.

    • Drawing: It is a fundamental art course that introduces students to basic drawing techniques through traditional and non-traditional approaches to line, form, composition, perspective and value, proportions, so as to create an illusion of space and volume that is refined and incorporated into all art & design fields.
    • Sculpture: It is a course that provides proficiency in creating three-dimensional forms through the use of a wide range of materials to carve, model, cast and construct.
    • Painting: It is a fundamental art course that introduces students to basic painting techniques through traditional and non-traditional methodology.
    • Ceramics: This is an introductory course in the basic techniques of hand-made pottery, its maintenance and finish. Glazing, firing, structure, form and design are studied in relation to the medium.
    • Decorative Painting: It is a practical course with an extensive overview of various techniques such as false stone, wood graining, patinas, gilding, stencils, ornaments, in addition to textures.
    • Craftsmanship: It is a studio course that emphasizes certain art technique that vary between Kilim design and application, mosaics and stain glass projects.
    • Print Making: It is an introduction to some of the processes, materials and methods used in printmaking; it introduces the students to monotype printings, Linocut relief, and intaglio.
    • Calligraphy: This course contains both theory and practice. It aims at investing different fonts in calligraphy and applying it in an artistic way.
    • Silk Screen: It is a studio course that aims at developing students' knowledge of and skills in silk screen technique. Traditional methods of silk screen will be developed in addition to various bookbinding techniques.
    • Analytical Sketching: It is a studio course that emphasizes sketching basic geometrical forms in addition to still-life objects based on one, two, and three vanishing points, and interior and exterior spaces. It includes portrait and human sketching as well as animal forms using all types of line and shape sketching.

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