Director’s Message

    As part of its mission towards excellence and within the scope of expanding AUST’s services, it developed the Center for Learning and Development (CLD) for Continuing Education, guidance and recruitment. Its mission is to create diverse learning opportunities that empower people of all ages to build stronger communities. CLD is founded to:

    • Improve the professional lives of students and graduates as well as the performance of organizations through the delivery of high quality programs, training, and recruitment services.
    • Guarantee the highest level of career readiness for all graduates.
    • Provide innovative operational support and administrative services for academic projects and programming, including for-credit and noncredit lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, institutes, online formats, and formal courses. At CLD, students and community members, can access a variety of credentials, from certificates of completion of professional certifications, advanced programs, and/or pursue lifelong learning.

     We assure you of our best cooperation. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

    Zeina Nsouli, Director.

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