Dean's Message

    The Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) at the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) offers undergraduate and graduate students the education that is apt to prepare them to attain rewarding careers and leading positions in this competitive world. Its varied fields of specializations enhance the students’ skills of communication, reasoning and analysis; thus, equipping them to think deeply and critically of issues that they are to face in their professional lives, at the same time empowering them to succeed in the rapidly changing technological environment.

    Home to more than 1800 undergraduate and graduate students, with 180 faculty and staff members, the FAS provides a valuable journey of learning and discovery across a broad range of arts, humanities, English and translation, communication arts and computer science.

    The FAS has created an Innovation Center that supplies students with creative ideas in all specialties, needed to establish their startups on campus. The Center is fully equipped and allows students to take full advantage of all on-campus facilities. Students only need to enter armed with their creative ideas and the journey to becoming entrepreneurs begins.

    The Faculty is in the process of launching two graduate programs, namely, MA in Communication Arts and another MA in Design.

    I encourage all students, old and new to always aspire to attain the highest levels of education, making AUST, your second home, proud of your efforts and achievements. I also encourage students to explore AUST’s website to learn more about the vibrant and productive learning environment at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

    With all the best,

    Aziz Barbar, Dean

Dean's Message
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