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    Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at the American University of Science and Technology. The Faculty offers programs in Biomedical Engineering, Computer & Communications Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering, and plans to expand into other areas that address modern-day advancements in science and technology. The above programs are officially licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

    The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET has officially granted accreditation to the following Engineering programs at AUST effective as of October 1, 2014:

    • Computer and Communications Engineering - BS Program (Beirut Campus).
    • Computer and Communications Engineering with Minors in Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Sciences - BS Program (Beirut Campus).

    The Faculty aims at creating synergy among its carefully chosen students, selected faculty members, and state-of-the art engineering programs so as to maintain high standards in engineering education. The members of the Faculty contribute their expertise through diverse interdisciplinary perspectives to address critical local, regional, or global scale contemporary challenges. This fact exposes students to the means of problem solving and enhances their intellectual and mental skills; thus, propelling them to become professional engineers.

    The future prospects of the Faculty of Engineering to be realized within the next few years include the following objectives:

    • Graduate highly competitive students who: enjoy high levels in communication, problem solving, and design skills; exhibit commendable level of professional ethics; demonstrate team spirit; and, are able to engage in basic and applied research.
    • Build a network among the various engineering disciplines and the related industry.
    • Establish cooperation agreements with academic institutions of higher learning locally, regionally, and internationally.
    • Execute basic, applied, and advanced research and development, and disseminate the accomplishments in international, refereed, and prestigious conferences, journals, books, among others.
    • Engage in international professional societies.
    • Expand laboratory facilities.
    • Build ties with local high schools.

    The prospective student is recommended to browse through the university’s website in order to attain more information about the various programs and activities that are under the umbrella of the Faculty of Engineering.


    Ziad Abu-Faraj, Ph.D.

    Dean - Faculty of Engineering

Dean's Message
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