Educational Objectives

    To fulfill its mission, the Faculty of Engineering acts to pursue the following Educational Objectives:

    a. Strive to be recognized as one of the centers of academic excellence in Lebanon and the Arab world: The Faculty of Engineering, by virtue of its mission and intellectual resources, focuses on playing an important role in addressing Lebanon’s most pressing challenges to graduate well-educated engineers that are prepared to contribute actively to the various areas of biomedical engineering, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, and mechatronics engineering.

    b. Become more student focused: The Faculty of Engineering focuses on attracting and retaining students who are well prepared to enter the Engineering Degree Programs. All members of the AUST community are student-oriented and work unanimously to meet the student’s educational and societal obligations. The faculty has developed a technology-rich, student-centered learning environment that maximizes the student’s acquisition of knowledge, skills and character traits that would ensure them successful careers as practicing engineers.

    c. Maintain world-class curricula: The Faculty of Engineering encourages educational programs that serve the country's needs and achieve distinction. The faculty will continue to update, review and critically evaluate its curricula, with emphasis on producing well-educated graduates with well-rounded personalities. Eminent experts from collaborative programs are constantly invited to assess and scrutinize the curricula, and apply internationally accepted criteria to ensure that our graduates have the qualifications sought by industry, government, and private agencies. The ultimate goal of the faculty is to have its curricula accredited by agencies comparable to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET, Baltimore, MD, USA).

    d. Hire, motivate, grow, deploy, retain, and reward superior faculty members: The Faculty of Engineering encourages and rewards faculty members who best integrate teaching and provide service in support of student learning and the creation and dissemination of knowledge. High incentives are offered to hire the most qualified new faculty members.

    e. Increase research and scholarly activity: Master Degree courses that are in the highest demand and best meet the needs of Lebanon are given the highest priority. Graduate education is intended to develop, support, and produce distinguished research activities. AUST encourages faculty involvement in research, development, testing and evaluation activities focused on involving students to the maximum extent practicable.

    f. Communicate and collaborate more effectively with society: The Faculty of Engineering constantly seeks to develop effective communication strategies and collaborative endeavors with the surrounding community and institutions in the region and beyond.

    g. Maintain and further develop modern facilities: The Faculty of Engineering has developed and is maintaining modern physical facilities to better support instructional, research, and service programs.

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