Friday 14 July 2017
AUST Launches the Second Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (2nd IEI 2017-2018)

AUST launched special programs and competitions to enrich the educational opportunities for high-achieving students from across campuses and to develop links between the university, the students and their community. Vice-President Riad Sakr, in the presence of deans and chairs, congratulated students on their performance. VP Sakr expressed his pride in seeing a room full of high-achievers who are a credit to themselves and their faculties. VP informed the attendees that as well as providing students with academic challenge and the chance to experience university life, the program is designed to engage and challenge very able students through enrollment in the Second Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (second IEI 2017-2018).This is a competition across AUST’s 3 campuses where teams compete to start their own companies using allocated seed money donated by Bank of Beirut, the Gold Sponsor of this initiative. Students will be given workshops on:

a. Entrepreneurship: The Basics
b. Brand and Social Media Marketing
c. Financials, Feasibility Studies and Business Plans
d. Team Formation
e. Team Building and Leadership Skills

This year’s mentors will be: Dr. Roger Achkar, Dr. Robert Gharios, Dr. Achraf Al Faraj, Dr. Saeed Raheel, Mr. Gaby Abou Haidar, and Mr. Antoine Aouad. The Overall Initiative Coordinator will be the Chairperson of the Mathematics Department, Hiba Othman, and the Quality Control Coordinator will be the Manager of the Quality Assurance Department, Ms. Zeina Nsouli. The new addition to this year’s initiative is that the teams should include one school student and one industry member.
VP Riad Sakr’s introduction of the initiative was followed by a presentation delivered by Dr. Majd Sakr from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Sakr informed the students about graduate study opportunities in the USA, when to apply, how to apply, and the different scholarships available. Dr. Majd’s presentation was followed with an open discussion with students where he answered all their questions and responded to their concerns.

The event ended with congratulations to students on their excellent performance, urging them to continue forward with their achievements.

Congratulations to all those who were there!

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