Classification of Students

    An undergraduate is considered as a full-timer if he/she is registered for a minimum of 12-credit hours per semester and for a minimum of 6-credit hours per summer session. A student is considered as a part-timer if the load is less than 12-credit hours in the fall or spring semesters, and less than 6-credit hours in the summer sessions.Students at the graduate level should carry a minimum of 6-credit hours to be considered full-timers.

    Transfer Applicants

    Candidates transferring from recognized institutions of higher learning to AUST are subject to the following conditions:

    • Must have met similar admission requirements to those of AUST in their previous institutions.
    • Passed the AUST English Entrance requirements.

    Transfer applicants may be given transfer credits for courses in which they had obtained a grade of C (70%) or above, on condition that these courses are judged by the academic units concerned as courses that meet AUST's requirements of intended degree. Grades obtained on transferred courses will not be averaged with grades of courses taken at AUST.

    Note: Irrespective of the number of course credits transferred, the applicant must complete all general and departmental graduation requirements (a minimum of 30-credit hours and the final two semesters at AUST) to qualify for any degree from AUST. (55% of total credits may be transferred, 45% must be completed at AUST).

    Academic Recognition

    A student will be placed on the Dean’s Honor List at the end of a semester if he/she
    • is a full-time student (registered for a minimum of 12-credit hours).
    • has no “incomplete” grades.
    • has a semester’s cumulative GPA of 3.00 and above.
    • has not been subjected to any disciplinary action.
    • is recommended by the Dean of the Faculty.

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