Dropping and Adding of Courses

    Changes in registration are permitted within the deadline for dropping and adding courses; the student can do the necessary changes on-line. The late registration period is the deadline for changes in courses and sections. Substitutions for required courses may be allowed under special circumstances.

    If a student drops a course within the late registration period, no grade is recorded for that course. If a student withdraws from a course after the Drop/Add deadline, he/she will receive a “W” grade on that course. No course may be dropped after the official deadline.

    Students who do not abide by the withdrawal procedures for a certain course will receive an “F” grade on that course.

    During the Drop/Add period, the student must fill out the proper forms at the Registration and Record Department to drop a course and/or add another one.

    Repeating of Courses

    A student is advised to repeat any course in which he / she has earned an “F” or a “D” grade. Though the two grades remain on the student’s record, only the higher grade is considered in the cumulative GPA; the credits of the course are counted as attempted only once. An “R” notation is added to those repeated courses to identify that they were attempted twice. No course may be taken more than 3 times.

Dropping and Adding of Courses
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