Final Examinations

    Final examinations are be held during the last week of each semester and of summer session. A student who is registered for a course cannot receive a final grade for the course without sitting for the final examination in the course. The final examination’s grade counts for a maximum of 30% of the final course grade. The remaining 70% of the grade is based on quizzes, projects, homework, and class attendance.

    Final examinations are normally comprehensive in nature. Courses with multiple sections are supposed to have the same final examinations.

    Make Up Exams

    Make-up exams will be allowed only under the following conditions:

    • Admission to hospital (Emergency)
    • Death of a parent or a close relative
    • Accident on the way to the University
    • Court appearance

    Note: Students must petition the Dean of Students and Admissions (DOSA) to secure approval. Their petitions must be officially documented; they will be referred to the Academic Committee composed of the Provost, the Dean of Students and Admissions, and the Registrar for a final decision.

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