Registration Procedure

    Before the beginning of each semester and each summer session, the names of advisors and the dates for registration are announced. Advisors meet with students to guide them in preparing their academic schedules, and to assist those who are experiencing academic or personal problems.

    During the registration period, students meet with their advisors for guidance, review of their contract sheet, and course selection. All students must register in person. Registration by proxy is not allowed. After the student pays his/ her due payment and registration fees, he/ she is allowed to register for the chosen courses on-line.

    Late Registration

    Students will be charged a late registration fee if they register during the late registration period, which extends until the end of the first week following the beginning of classes.

    Registration for Tutorial Courses

    A student is eligible to apply for a tutorial course if the course is not offered and is required for the student’s graduation during the last semester or year of the student’s tenure, and if this course has no substitute and could not be taken on a cross- registration basis at another accredited institution of higher learning.

    Cross Registration

    a. Cross registration for students enrolled at AUST

    An AUST student may be allowed to cross register for a course at another recognized institution if the course

    • is required by AUST.
    • is one that the student failed and wants to repeat elsewhere.
    • is not offered during the semester at the end of which the student expects to graduate.
    • is  not a major course required for graduation.
    • is equivalent in content and duration to the course offered at AUST (a syllabus of the course must be presented to the chair of the department concerned for evaluation and decision).


    The student fills in a petition and submits it to the Registrar. The Registrar will discuss it with the dean of the concerned faculty and the Vice – President / Provost. If approved, the Registrar will issue the student a written permission to cross register the course/s at the selected institution.

    b. Cross registration for non AUST students taking courses at AUST
    Non-AUST students may cross register for course/s at AUST provided they
    • secure permission from their college/university to enroll in a specified course/s at AUST.
    • secure the permission of the AUST's Vice – President or Provost.
    • present the approval to the Registrar, who will provide the student with a letter of admission to register in the selected course/s.

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