Required Credits per Academic Year

    According to the American classification, a student will be considered to have completed an academic year when he / she has successfully completed a minimum of 30-credit hours. Accordingly, students are classified as

    • Freshmen: if they have completed less than 30-credit hours.
    • Sophomores: if they have completed 31-60 credit hours*.
    • Juniors: if they have completed 61-90 credit hours.
    • Seniors: if they have completed more than 90-credit hours.

    * Holders of the Lebanese Government Secondary Certificate (Previously known as Lebanese Baccalaureate part II) are considered sophomore students regardless of the number of credits awarded upon admission.

    Note: To qualify for a degree from AUST, the student must complete the graduation requirements for the degree. These requirements are listed under each major offered by the University.


    Most departments in the various faculties offer minors which require the completion of at least 6 courses (18 credit hours) to be specified by the chair of the academic unit concerned. Interested candidates may take the courses for a minor along with courses required for a major.

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