Special Non-Degree Students

    Students who are interested in taking courses but do not plan to complete the requirements for a degree at AUST are classified as “Special Non-Degree Students”.

    These students must satisfy the admissions' requirements and be duly admitted by either the Admissions Committee or the Registrar.


    Auditing of Courses

    Students may audit courses upon payment of the auditor’s fee and securing the permission of the Admissions Committee . Auditors are expected to meet the AUST's admission requirements. However, the Admissions Committee may waive some or all of these requirements. Auditors are not considered as AUST regular students; they may not sit for exams, and will not be issued any certificates.

    Suspended AUST students may not audit courses.

    Major-less Students

    • Students who are admitted to a certain major but fail to meet the requirements of the major to which they have been admitted will be asked to withdraw from the major. Such students become major-less and should start preparing themselves to find a prospective major by taking the pre-requisites and requirements for the prospective major. Such students should consult their advisors for preparing their new schedule of courses.
    • On the other hand, a student who, upon admission, has not declared a major is considered as a major-less student. Such a student should choose a major within two semesters after admission.
    • Students who wish to join a new major must fill out the departmental transfer form and submit it to the office of the chair of the receiving department, provided that they have fulfilled the requirements for admission to the new major.
    • A major-less student may continue without a major for a maximum period of three semesters. Students who fail to fulfill the requirements for admission to a prospective major within the specified period of time will be dismissed from the university.

    International Students

    International students (non-Lebanese students) must meet all the requirements for admission to the University, in addition to the requirements of the Lebanese Immigration Law.

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