Administrative Services

    Quality Assurance Department (QAD)

    The mission of the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) is to increase satisfaction and loyalty by implementing a bespoke Quality Management System. The purpose of this approach is to continually control and improve the University’s performance and, in turn, competitiveness.The QAD is located in AUST-Achrafieh, on the first floor of Block A.

    The following are some of the duties of the QAD:

    • Strategic planning.
    • Development of quality documents (policies and procedures, job descriptions, …).
    • Development and control of quality improvement plans and key performance indicators.
    • The handling of complaints.
    • Identification, analysis, mitigation and control of risks.
    • The planning, execution, reporting and following up on internal audits.
    • Certification and Accreditation.

    Bursar’s Office

    The Bursar’s Office plays a major role in the successful operation of the University. This office oversees the proper application of the financial policy of the said institution. The office prepares the budget, the payroll of staff and faculty, the income statements, and the balance sheets. Moreover, the Bursar's Office collects tuition fees (and other fees), arranges deferred-payment schedules, follows up on deferred and late payments, monitors and pays all expenses related to the functions of the University, and prepares periodical financial reports to the President.

    Human Resources Department

    The Human Resources Department is entrusted with the following duties:
    • Advertise for administrative vacancies, screen applications and CVs, and finalize the recruitment process.
    • Follow-up on employees’ attendance and discipline.
    • Follow-up on the execution of Social Security formalities.
    • Communicate employees’ conflicts to the Executive Council for resolution.
    • Conduct employees’ evaluations.
    • Follow-up on work permits and lodging of foreign employees.
    • Ensure the implementation of the Lebanese Labor Law.
    • Bid offers for employees’ insurance.
    • Interview, select and supervise student assistants.
    • Organize and follow up on proctoring schedules.
    • Follow-up on yearly vacations of staff and full-time faculty members.

    Information Technology Department

    The Information Technology Department (IT) is responsible for all network services, planning, selection, and implementation, as well as for computer support services, software development, and communications services; it provides information to other departments and to students through the Internet, technology planning, process redesign and quality assurance.

    Job Placement Office

    As part of AUST’s endeavor to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience, the Job Placement Office (CLD Office) provides students with assistance to earn career-related work experience before graduation. As such, the CLD office develops programs with employers and instructors in order to help students find jobs and on-the-job training opportunities. Moreover, it trains these students on the proper techniques of finding an appropriate job, guides them towards a career that suits their personality and major field of study, trains them on how to write a professional CV or résumé, and how to conduct a successful interview.

    EARN WHILE YOU LEARN! is its motto

    The Job Placement Office provides students with

    • Opportunities to EARN while they LEARN.
    • An opportunity to get career-related work experience before graduation.
    • Answers to the most commonly asked question to recruiters of graduating seniors, "What experience have you had?".

    Office of Tests and Measurements

    The Office of Tests and Measurements (OTM) administers all exams required for admission to the University,  such as the English Entrance Examination (EEE), Math I  Placement Test (MPT  I) required for admission to the arts programs, and the Math II Placement Test (MPT  II) required for admission to the science programs. The fee per exam is $50.

    AUST has become an official test center for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), as well as for the University of Michigan Competency and Proficiency Examinations.

    On Saturday, November 17, 2007, AUST administered the first examination of the Examination for Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE). The chairman/coordinator of the Department of Languages and Translation has been appointed Chief Examiner and is assisted by several oral examiners and proctors from AUST & ALLC (American Lebanese Language Center). It is worth noting that the Michigan Competency and Proficiency Examinations are each held twice a year.

    AUST students, as  well as  any  other  person  interested  in enriching his/her   CV,  are encouraged to take the Michigan Examinations, which are internationally recognized  as documentary evidence  of English language  mastery. For this reason, the Department of Languages and Translation at AUST provides training sessions for both exams to AUST students and to others who are interested.

    Information on all tests, sessions and dates can be obtained from the said department, Block A, floor 5, Tel.: 01/218716 Ext: 248.

    University Press Office

    Founded in 2005, the AUST Press Office publishes scholarly works and books of general interest. Most of the books and research works are in the fields of Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences. The publications are subject to the approval of the university’s “Press Board”.

    Press and Printing Office

    This office is responsible for designing and printing all kinds of publications required by the university and its departments. The publications include ads, posters, invitations, magazines, brochures, books, in addition to the weekly-published “Midweek” magazine. This office also provides the photographer to cover different AUST events and functions held on campus or outside.

    Registrar’s Office

    The Registrar’s Office is entrusted with the registration process, the scheduling of exams, the academic calendar, and the grades received from the various academic units. It prepares records, enrollment certificates, and degrees for students who have already completed or will be completing the degree requirements. It maintains the students’ academic records and files, clears students for graduation, and issues students’ transcripts of records. The Registrar’s Office provides the administration and the faculty with statistical institutional reports.

    Disclosure of Transcript of Records

    Official transcripts of record may be released upon a written request submitted by the student to the Registrar’s Office. The official transcripts are mailed by the University to the intended recipient or handed directly to the student. Neither grade reports nor transcripts will be issued to any third party without the consent of the student.

    Unofficial transcripts or grade reports (partial records) may be issued to the student, the guardian, or to AUST advisors upon request. These documents may have the same appearance as that of the official transcripts but they are stamped with the annotation “Student Copy” or “Not for official use”; they should not be submitted to individuals or to institutions outside AUST.

    International Students Affairs Office

    The International Students Affairs Office (ISAO) provides a comprehensive orientation program to new international students from abroad; it begins from the time the student is granted admission and continues after the student’s arrival on campus. The ISAO advises over 250 international students from over 40 countries, and works under the supervision of the DOSA’s Office. The ISAO also provides services to international students and opportunities for their development through extracurricular activities and orientation sessions; it also organizes major campus events and outdoor festivals.

     The ISAO is in charge of the following responsibilities:

    • Arrangement for shuttle services from and to the airport.
    • Arrangement for residence permits before the expiration date of the entry visa stamped on the passport upon arrival to airport.
    • Arrangement for accomodation on-campus, and the surroundings in case of lack of vacancies on campus.
    • Arrangement for students’ insurance policy (including hospitalization and accidents).
    • Provision of information about the programs and majors available at the University.
    • Provision of information about admission requirements.
    • Monitoring of student’s progress during the academic year.
    • Follow-up on the conduct of students on and off campus and in the residence halls on a 24-hour basis.
    • Organization of major campus events and outdoor trips which will complement the academic programs.
    • Provision of counseling service to help students identify and address their problems; it also provides assistance towards social and cultural adjustment.
    • Act as an information resource office on students' life at the university.
     The ISAO is ready to receive, at any time, any student who needs advice, counsel and who faces any problem at the university.

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