Campus Services

    Buildings and Grounds Office

    The Buildings and Grounds Office maintains and repairs the structural, electrical and mechanical systems of the buildings and facilities throughout the campus. It also assures the cleanliness of all university's facilities and grounds. It strives to provide quick and cost effective services for all AUST departments, faculty and staff.

    Medical Services on Campus

    AUST community can take advantage of the medical services provided during working hours by qualified doctors; the infirmary is located in Block “C”.

    Medical Insurance

    AUST provides its full-time students (who register for 12 or more credit-hours) with a medical insurance plan and enrollment in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF); accordingly, students are charged the fee of LL 75,000 on their tuition account. The student’s medical insurance plan covers hospitalization and/or medical treatment for accidents and illnesses on a 24-hour basis. Students who are not enrolled in the NSSF through their parents (or personal employment) are charged LL 204,525 yearly fee for NSSF membership.


    The library is in the process of being enriched with paper bound volumes that are necessary as reference books so as to meet the challenges of the growing academic programs, as well as the research and intellectual needs of its community. AUST subscribes to electronic library services that support its existing academic programs.

    The campus library houses:
    • Book collections
    • Reserves section
    • Magazines and newspapers

    The library facilities include PCs with Internet connections.
    Food Services

    On capmus there are three modern cafeterias that serve hot dishes, sandwiches, and refreshments at reasonable prices. In addition, vending machines are found in various buildings.
    A faculty and staff dining room offers a variety of international hot meals, beverages and desserts, prepared by students of the Hospitality Management Department.
    Satellite coffee shops located around the campus permit students to savor a snack or a sandwich during their free hours on campus.

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