Student Activities

    Student Activities Office

    AUST is concerned with the total development of its students; accordingly, the Student Activities Office (SAO) seeks to provide students with a culturally and socially interactive environment. The Student Activities Office is in charge of all extra-curricular activities organized by students through clubs and committees.

    Athletics Programs

    Students are eligible for the Athletics Programs if they have registered as full-time students, have successfully completed eight (8) courses in the two semesters prior to the competition’s date (Registrar-approved summer courses may be taken to meet the eight-course requirement) , and have maintained a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

    Sports Teams:

    Ping - Pong, Hip - Hop, Dance de Salon, Aerobics, Cheer Leading, Stretching & Creative Dance, Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Tennis, Horse Back Riding, Rugby, Swimming, Water Polo, Tae Kwan DO, Thai, Kick Boxing, Wushu, Jiu Jitsui, Street Dance.

    Student Clubs:

    Student clubs are established to promote the various interests of AUST students; These clubs are supported by the University. Each student club has a full-time faculty advisor who accompanies the members to all of their organized activities. The activities of these clubs are run according to sound business practices.

    The Student Life Council reviews all requests for student activities by the various student clubs. In the event that an approved club activity falls short financially, the Student Activities Fund may be used to cover the deficit. The clubs are:

    • Environmental Club
    • First Aid Club
    • Music Club
    • Photography Club
    • Drama Club
    • Chess Club

    AUST sport teams' feats:

    AUST sports teams have participated in more than 20 international tournaments held in more than 10 countries worldwide, and achieved remarkable results.

    Academic Year 1999-2000

    Turkey: Football 4th place

    Cyprus: Mini Football 1st place

    Academic Year 2000-2001

    France: Football 5th place, Basketball 7th place, Volleyball 9th place

    Academic Year 2001-2002

    France: Football 5th place, Basketball 7th place, Volleyball 9th place

    Academic Year 2002-2003

    Spain: Football 1st place

    Academic Year 2003-2004

    Turkey: Football 2nd place, Basketball 2nd place, Volleyball 4th place, Volleyball (F) 3rd place, Handball 1st place, Ping Pong 1st place

    Spain: Football 3rd place

    Academic Year 2004-2005

    Syria: Friendly Games against Tishreen in Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Handball and Ping Pong

    Belgrade: Friendly Games against Serbian Universities in Rugby

    France: Football 5th place, Basketball 6th place, Volleyball 8th place

    Academic Year 2005-2006

    Jordan: Semi-Finals in the Arab Basketball Universities' Championship

    Turkey: Beach Volley 1st place, Volleyball 2nd place, Football 5th place, Basketball 5th Place

    Academic Year 2006-2007

    Jordan: Friendly Games against Jordanian and JUST Universities in Basketball, Football, Volleyball, and Handball

    Spain: Futsal 9th place, Basketball (M), 1st place, Basketball (F) 2nd place, Volleyball Semi-Finals

    Academic Year 2007-2008

    Jordan: Friendly Games against Jordanian and JUST Universities in Basketball, Football, Volleyball, and Handball

    Academic Year 2008-2009

    AUST International Cup Futsal 1st place, Basketball (M) 3rd place, Volleyball 1st place, Chess 2nd place

    France: Basketball Semi-Finals, Football 5th place, Rugby 4th place, Handball 6th place, Volleyball Semi-Finals

    Academic Year 2009-2010

    Spain: Won the Challenge Cup of Euro Ibiza 2009 (Football, Basketball, Volleyball ,Tennis ,Ping Pong & Hip Hop)

    Academic Year 2010-2011

    Italy: Futsal (F) 4th place, Basketball Quarter-Finals

    Academic Year 2011-2012

    Russia: Futsal (M) 3rd place

    Turkey: Hip Hop 1st place, Basketball Semi-Finals

    Portugal: AUST participated in the World Universities' Chess Championship 2012

    Academic Year 2012-2013

    Rome (Italy): Football Quarter-Finals, Athletics 3rd place, Hip Hop 5th place

    Konstanz (Germany): Futsal (M) 2nd place

    Academic Year 2013-2014

    Rome (Italy): Futsal (M) 3rd place, Futsal (F) 4th place, Hip Hop 4th place
    Turkey: Football (W) 3rd place, Basketball (W) 4th place
    Lebanon: Lebanese Universities’ Tennis Championship, 1st place

    academic year 2014-2015

    Madrid(Spain): Chess 2nd place, Cheer-leading 2nd place

    Paris (France): Football (F) 2nd place, Football (M) 3rd place, Basketball (F) 3rd place

    Lebanon: Lebanese Basketball Universities league (M) 3rd place, Thai-Kick Boxing 2nd place, Lebanese Futsal Cup reached semi-final, lebanese Mini-Foot League (M) 2nd place, Tennis Men's League 1st place, AUST Basketball Women's league 1st place.


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